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A study performed by a Boston news station revealed some alarming information. It turns out that the sleep patterns of young children are different than those of adults. As a result, children often do not wake up to the sound of a smoke detector in "alarm" mode. Their is a new type of smoke detector on the market that uses the recorded sound of a parent's voice as the alarm signal. When hearing the sound of their parents voice, many children were awakened within seconds. Click on the link below to view the video report. The clip often begins with a short advertisement, but it is worth the wait to view the video segment. The Hamburg Fire Company does not endorse any one brand or manufacturer. However, we do find the results alarming and encourage parents to do their own research to find companies that manufacture smoke alarms that use voice recordings to wake children. Click on the view full story link to see the link for the video report and a link for Signal One Safety.