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9/11 Memorial Walker Visits UFC 61 House

This morning Deputy Chief Emes received a unexpected phone call from Strausstown Deputy Chief Jeremy Bentz regarding a unexpected visitor that would be on his way to the UFC. Joe "Tiger" Patrich Jr is on his way to Ground Zero from Washington DC and where he plans on arriving on foot by September 10, to pay respects to there folks who lost there lives on the Terrorist attacks on our Country. Joe woke up early today from the Strausstown Fire Company Community center and arrived around 1230.

Members from the public and from the 61 house gathered to welcome Joe to his new home for the night. Here crews were able to get Joe a good meal from Hecky's, and helped him make a few quick stops at Cabelas and Threns Auto to help him make some repairs to his camel water pack and to his flag pole that he carries with him that bears the American Flag.

As the day went on Joe was given a few T-shirts and also a few of the company patches. Joe will be station at the Union Fire Co until the early hours tomorrow when Joe will begin his 20 mile trek along Old 22 to Foglesville where he will meet up with Deputy Chief Brad Rader and the members from the Fogelsville Vol Fire Dept where arrangements were made for him to stay on his trek to Ground Zero.

If you see a man walking along Old 22 on his way to Allentown, with a sign that says On My May To Ground Zero and carrying a American Flag, give him a hello honk and a good wave and wish him best of luck on his trek.